Because there is no “one size fits all” answer to fitness. Over the 8 years that I have been out of the military and training civilians I have seen many types.
At times I have come across individuals who desired a high level of fitness but simply put did not want to train with weights. Sometimes it was for a physical reason and other times it was due to intimidation. Other instances were simply a personal preference.

The CrossFit style of training is just not what they wanted to do. I wasn’t any longer going to stand there and try to convince them otherwise just because it was the program that I offered. I wanted to create a fitness regimen that could provide people with a very high-quality routine and service, make them very fit and healthy at the same time as giving them a workout that they would WANT to do day in and day out. This is how we built the “Total Body System” of MoveFit; Yoga-TRX-HIIT Lite. We are even now seeing that cross-training athletes are beginning to use our systems to supplement their weight training to help create the balance and conditioning that may have been lacking prior.

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