MoveFIt is a philosophy. The philosophy that high levels of fitness and health can be achieved through a combination of “systems” working together to create the outcome (much like the anatomy and physiology of our bodies).

Yoga creates balance in both the physical sense as well as the mental aspect and teaches the participant to consciously control their respirations while simultaneously increasing the pliability of the muscles and connective tissues. TRX builds intense core strength that branches out to the extremities (arms/legs) at the same time as conditioning the cardiovascular system as it is called upon to circulate fresh oxygenated blood to the working muscles. HIIT Lite utilizes that athlete’s own body to perform repetitions of calisthenics and repeating intervals of brief runs, aggressively building a deep state of endurance by increasing one’s threshold to lactic acid levels and the ability to recover and repeat.

One system feeds the other. Each of our “systems” utilizes a different method of using your own body weight to condition and increase your fitness. When the three systems are put together in a well rounded training week the results can be profound.

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