“What is CrossFit Riverchase?” “Tell me about CrossFit Riverchase”. I can answer that by telling you about the location and size of my building, but I would prefer to tell you, “WHO is CrossFit Riverchase” Then, I can let you see the living breathing thing that is my fitness program.
CrossFit Riverchase is the product of a dream, an idea that was created in my head while in Afghanistan in 2008. Like all things that prosper it has gone through multiple evolutions to become what it currently is, and will inevitably go through future evolutions to continue to grow and provide the quality product that its members desire.

We are a functional fitness program made up of challenging daily workouts that nurture those who participate in them by pushing them out of comfort zones and providing them the chance to personally push the limits they once had or thought could not be achieved. We do not sugar coat the realities of our workout’s difficulty but we do empower our members to believe that they can give their best effort and when that happens then we are proud of them and hope they are proud of themselves.

We are a fitness program that understands that each person is different, desires different outcomes and from day to day may themselves want something different in their time in the gym. We provide a traditional CrossFit program plus three days a week there is the “option” to pursue an endurance variation of the days CrossFit WOD. We also have a full time weightlifting program and offer the ability to participate in both it and the CrossFit program giving the opportunity to alternate days or conduct “two a day” training. Inside CrossFit Riverchase there is no “one size fits all answer” and quite frankly there never should be. My passion is also to specialize in applying fitness in unorthodox ways outside of the gym atmosphere, offering a stand up paddle board workout program plus several times a year hosting long workouts in our local state park that involve combining hiking-trail running, seasonal swimming and functional fitness movements.

We are a fitness program that is made up of values. We expect our members to be honest with themselves their peers and us as their coaches. We want our community to be made up of people with integrity and pride in both themselves and us.

We are a fitness program that believes in etiquette. On any given day we proudly train and train with close to 100 people. We understand that although you are here conducting your workout for “you”, that all the seemingly little things that occur beyond the workout, like punctuality and social courtesies, affect the community as a whole. We in essence care about each other by remembering each other.

We want intensely for all our members to be fit and healthy in both body and mind and pour endless amounts of energy into the creation of the workouts and the facility itself.

We are a fitness program made up of America. The true core of what America is - Mothers, fathers, business professionals, professional moms, law enforcement officers, federal agents, lawyers, doctors, architects, accountants, firefighters, both male & female, with ages ranging from teens to even 70 years old. We have watched our young females become mothers, our teens go off to college, our dads set great examples by training before work each day….we support each other when someone is sick, we have helped each other move, we have celebrated victories together and mourned defeats and losses as well. We are a unique, driven, hard working, hard training, fun community.

Ask me WHO we are… I love giving that answer!

Sean Dickson