CrossFit Gym in Birmingham, AL

Barbell - Crossfit Gym in Birmingham, AL
CrossFit Riverchase is a CrossFit affiliate located inside a 7,600 Square Foot warehouse training facility in Birmingham, AL.
All CrossFit Gyms are NOT the same. Research your owners and trainers. Choose a safe, smart, and effective program that focuses on a well-rounded healthy lifestyle. Location should not matter! We do not compare ourselves to globo-gyms such as Planet Fitness, Gold's Gym or Lifetime Fitness; we offer a community…. Organized programming and camaraderie of group sessions but on a personal level. You will not find machines here, because you are the machine – moving your body the way it was created to move. You will never have to concern yourself with designing your own workout.
Each day a WOD (Workout of the Day) will be designed through programming by the owner Sean Dickson with 10 years of CrossFitting experience and goal oriented training. Everyone knows your name when you come through the door! And we want to know your goals and expectations!! CrossFit Riverchase is a community of regular people who choose our programming to make them better in their sport of choice or simply in everyday life.

Our Programming

Your CrossFit Riverchase membership gives you unlimited access to all 4 of our programs; CrossFit - CrossFit Endurance - Weight Lift - H.I.I.T. Lite for Runners. We have found this selection best serves our athletes to keep them healthy, challenged and happy. Go to our PROGRAMS page to learn more about each specific program and it's scheduling then fill out a contact form and schedule to meet with one of our coaches for your free assessment and consultation. It is our passion and profession to help you become the best "you" possible.
We specialize in what others will not do – pushing your limits! So yes, our workouts are hard but as always in CrossFit, everything is scalable to your current fitness level. Our members range in age from 11-60 years old. There is a place for you!

Is CrossFit Riverchase for you?

  • -You want to be physically fit.
  • -You don't have time to design your own workout.
  • -You dislike the “globo-gym” setting.
  • -You aren't seeing the results you desire.
  • -You are bored with your same workouts over and over.
  • -You are busy but still want to be healthy.
If you answered a resounding YES! Come give us a try.